the client

Betopia is the perfect betting platform combining the traditional betting industry with blockchain technology. It is the Blockchain Betting Dream World for Esports, International Sports and virtual Casinos.

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The project

With Betopia we want to create a place that reinterprets and therefore disrupts the whole betting and gambling industry. Our goal is to create a secure and fair environment for our users providing them a positive user experience throughout all our services leveraging the power of blockchain.

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the challenge

Regulators and governments are raising concerns due to the “intransparent” nature of cryptocurrency and the current struggle in the gambling business concerning activities like money laundry.

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the approach

Our purpose is to create beautifull digital experiences that helps end-users achieve their goals. In doing this, in thinking first for our clients’ end-user we achieve the desired growth for our clients. Wheter is an experience on a website or app our approach is always human-centered for we always focus on empathy first.

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