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February 4, 2021
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From a young age, we are afraid of public speaking. The truth is, you should overcome it by using some tricks, that not only will help you to become a master in it, but people will love watching you.‍

Do you remember the first day in school, when your teacher told you to stand up and introduce yourself to your classmates? Do you remember all the eyes that were staring at you?

I bet that some of you will never forget this moment. From a young age, we are afraid of public speaking. When we were in school, for each mistake we made, we were punished with a poor mark. Do you remember how everyone had fun with us, because of it? Since then, we are scared to talk in front of many people. What if we make a mistake? What if everyone laughs at us? What if , what if… there are so many questions that scare us from the final result of our speech. So, how can we overcome our fear of it? Is there a magic pill or a drink? Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a magical pill or a drink. The truth is, you should overcome it by using some tricks, that not only will help you to become a master in it, but people will love watching you.

Close-up of a microphone with a blurred background

We will share 4 of our most important skills you should do in every public speech .

#1 Always start with a story connected with your topic

An interesting story connected with your topic is a good way to start. If you start your public speech with an interesting story, your audience will be intrigued from the beginning. Shortly after you tell your story, start talking about your topic. The audience will be more concentrated if there is an emotional connection with them, before the topic starts.

Close-up of a typewriter with the text 'Stories matter' on the paper

If you are curious about the power of storytelling, you can check this site.

#2 Use emotional inflections in your voice.

Changing your tone of voice is a major key factor of each great public speaker’s success. Nobody wants to listen to robot voices, right? We are humans, so we are emotional creatures. Change your voice into deeper and slow it down. People’s focus on you  will be increased massively. What is more, learn where to make measured pauses and for how long you should keep them.

This is really important, so don’t forget it.

#3 Use open body language

Open body language is also a key element of some of the greatest public speakers.

Speaker presenting on stage with a large screen to an audience

You are not anymore afraid of the audience, so open your body language for them . Don’t cross your hands or legs – that shows you are scared of them. Do you want to look scared?

Make sure you are not touching your hair, nose even the eyes, when you are talking. If you do it, that means you are nervous. Don’t be nervous. Drink some water before the speech and everything will be alright (but don’t drink too much water, because while you are speaking, you can’t go to the toilet)

You can check this video, to learn more interesting techniques.

#4 Always make sure to rehearse before your speech

Make sure you rehearse in front of the people you trust the most. Ask them for their honest opinion about your speech. Was it interesting, did they get lost at any part of the speech, how was the body language, the tone of voice…

What is more, you can ask them to record you while you are speaking. You can see some irritating habits, such as touching your hair, talking too fast, or not having eye contact with the audience. Make sure you clean all the wrong habits before going to your real public.

If you manage to develop all the skills you read, you can become a great speaker. Not only good, but great. Try it on your next public speech and tell us how everything went.

Speaker addressing a large audience in a packed auditorium


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