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For us, “growing up” together with our clients means not only providing them with support at every step of the way but even going beyond that!We have always strived towards creating a design process which doesn’t just end at the launch of a website or the handoff of a product. We also know that no client is like the other and that is why we have developed a few different approaches when it comes to providing long-term support.

project management

From making sure that we have all the requirements to start work on a project to delivering the final product - our project management team has it covered.

ongoing support

We are here for the long run when it comes to providing you with support while you grow and expand. We are very flexible and can create ongoing support solutions that align with your design and development needs.

user testing

The best way to see whether the design solution we’ve created will be appealing to your target audience is through user tests. It allows us to iterate in time and make sure we’ve gone through as many edge cases as possible.

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web analytics

Integrating analytics tools is an important part of tracking the performance of your website or product after its release. We can help you integrate the right solution for you and your marketing team.

a/b testing

Much like user testing, A/B tests allow us to see what feature or functionality works best for your users. We then compare the results and gather data-driven insights that help us fine tune our designs.

page speed optimization

Your website’s load time is crucial when it comes to user retention. That’s why we often implement different strategies that help us bring that down to as low as possible so that we can insure lower churn rates.

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