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Understanding where each one of our clients is coming from is the first step in our design process. The strategy phase is where we fully immerse ourselves into your idea and align our efforts with your goals!

Research+ discovery

To design and build the right product for your needs, we need to be sure that we’re focusing on the right problem that needs to be solved.

Competitive research

Once we’ve gotten to know you, it’s time to get to know the competition as well. The goal here is to see how other companies in your industry have designed their website and/or product and evaluate them mostly based on usability.

After that, we will have a clear idea of what we can do better for you in terms of design so that we can give you an “edge” in front of the competition.

customer journey

The same way books need a good narrative in order to captivate the reader, websites and apps require a map that describes the “journey” or the steps  that the user goes through in order to accomplish a goal.

We start by creating a timeline of connected actions and add the thoughts and emotions we predict the user is going to have while going through them. This way we can have a visual scenario that will help us plan out our approach to the design process.

user personas

Each product or website has its target audience and the easiest way to make it more memorable for all stakeholders is by creating user personas. They are fictional, yet realistic, descriptions of the type of people we are targeting with our design. We dive deep into what their needs and goals are, as well as their frustrations and hesitations.

user personas

styles scapes

After we’ve gathered as much information as we can about your business, we start to think about how our solution is going to translate into shapes, colours, fonts, animations, and all other visual elements that we think will be necessary. But don’t worry - you’ll also get to take part in the “fun” by helping us go in the style direction that feels right for you.

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moodboard elements
moodboard elements


Company presentations, white papers, pitch decks, and everything else that has to do with effectively communicating with both clients and investors, name it - we’ve made it. We want to help each company or startup that comes to us to have the full 360 degree experience when it comes to creating a great visual online presence and that’s why we’ve also started providing this as part of our services.


Logo design has been around for decades but in the digital age it is simply not enough. When we’re talking about brand identity, we’re looking at how your customers will experience your brand as a whole.

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