New Partnership Alert: StanVision joins forces with Startplatz

February 4, 2021
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Attention startups, we have a very big announcement to make!

Starting from this month, Stan+Vision will be joining forces with Startplatz - one of the biggest startup incubators in Germany, which functions as a local hub for founders to meet, collaborate and work on their projects.

More than 400 startups have already made use of their innovative spaces located in Cologne and Dusseldorf, which are designed for growth, advice & coaching, workshops, events and networking and over 150 million Euro have been invested in their accelerator programmes.

Startplatz offers incubator programmes that are aimed at supporting young entrepreneurs and founders, through networking, consultations and workshops. Through their Startup Academy, Stan+Vision will be offering a discount for UX/UI services, as well as brand design, development and strategy.

By joining forces with Startplatz, we’re hoping to help even more startups reach their goals, improve their products, grow their team and become the next “big thing” to add to our portfolio!

You can find out more about Startplatz here.

If you are a startup that is part of their network, you can reach out to us through their internal platform or by dropping us a line in our contact form here!

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