Top 7 Apps for Productivity in 2020

November 2, 2021
3 min

To be productive during quarantine or not to be? A question I'm sure everyone has been asking themselves lately.

With all of this time that we get to spend at home and save from mundane tasks like commuting to work and going shopping, we were bound to encounter some issues with our productivity.

As we at Stan+Vision started slowly rolling back into the office, productivity was definitely one of the main topics of conversation we had! Thankfully, all of us had began researching ways in which we could stay on track with both our personal and work tasks and it comes as no surprise that the solution was to look for the best productivity-boosting apps we could download!

Woman in hoodie is looking at her smartphone app.

Check out our list of the top 7 productivity and task management apps we have used and tested (and have lived up to our high UX/UI standards, of course 😅)!


Checking off tasks and leveling up your avatar at the same time, so that you could earn rewards and participate in monster battles? Yes, please!

The gamer in each one of us is hyperventilating at the thought of this interactive and gamified way of completing our daily to dos. With Habitica you get motivated to reach your goals through a competition-driven approach.

You are encouraged to not only build up your own avatar but also customize its challenges and compete with other players.

Who said task management can’t be fun?

#2: Todoist

Just like Habitica, Todoist comes with a rewards based system of completing your daily tasks but minus the whole game-like experience.

Its biggest pro is the built in library of project templates that can help you manage your goals and tasks. Todoist also has customizable filters that you can use to mark priority levels and focus only on what’s important.

You can also create tasks directly from your mailbox as the app has some very powerful third-party integration capabilities. If you decide to go premium or business, you can also manage teams of up to 50 people!

#3: Things

The key features that set the Things app apart are its simple drag and drop functionality. You can create a task with a simple tap and rearrange all your daily goals easily.

Things is great for people that are fans of to-do lists and checked off boxes.

It has a very easy to understand user interface with a clean and crisp design and no unnecessary information on your screen.

What’s its only setback?

Well, if you want to let Things organize your life, so to say, you’ll have to get on one of their subscription plans. The good news is that every subscription comes with a 15 free trial!

#4: Notion

We love to describe this app as “simply beautiful”!

Notion might not look like much at first glance but as you start using it more and more, you’ll see that that’s exactly what sets it apart from the rest.

The design reminds us of a modernised to-do list notebook that got introduced to emojis. Notions has a very simplified interface that lets you not only create daily tasks but also manage your projects and (most importantly) integrate documents!

No more switching between apps with this one! Thanks to its integrated documents, you can arrange all your notes however you like, collaborate with team members and even publish changes.

Sounds sweet, no?

#5: Microsoft To-Do

If you know anything about task management apps, then you’ve probably heard of Wunderlist before.

Why am I mentioning it in a paragraph about Microsoft To-Do? Well, as of 2019, Microsoft acquired Wunderlist in order to merge it with its task management app called To-Do!

It is a cloud-based application that can easily be integrated with Office 365 and it also lets you import tasks directly from your Outlook account. Microsoft To-Do is completely free and it synchronises across all your devices.

It also comes with some really great reminders and suggestions that help you prioritize your tasks and stay on track with your daily goals.

#6: WeDo

WeDo started off as an app made for students to help them stay on top of their assignments and class schedules but it quickly became a staple for professionals as well!

The app emphasizes on creating a manageable work-life balance and is aimed at making tasks more achievable for you. How it does this is through quick and intuitive quizzes, which appear after completing a task. WeDo asks you how long your assignments took to complete and how you felt about them.

One of its other key features is the Habit lists that you can create in order to focus on particular habits and lifestyle changes you want to develop. WeDo is definitely worth checking out!

#7: Evernote

At first glance, Evernote looks like a simple note-taking app that anyone can utilize for the planning of day-to-day activities and lists. Once you get into it, you’ll discover all its capabilities that will let you manage anything from personal moments to big complex projects.

Evernote lets you keep track of your to-dos by letting you integrate text, pictures, and voice notes all in one. It lets you sync all your information across devices and you can even collaborate with others, depending on the pricing model you choose.

You can also invite family members and friends to collaborate on birthday albums, present ideas, and lots of other personal activities!

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