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Junts is a mobile based social media app that urges users to create video challenges or events and make others bet on their outcome. If you’ve bet right, you receive in-game tokens and the chance to win monthly prizes as well.

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The project

The founder of the app came to us almost 2 years ago with just an idea and the need for a team that will help him realise it and release it out into the open. We were first tasked with working on an MVP and after it was successful in front of his investors, we were also hired to finish the whole design part of it, together with the website.


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the challenge

The initial challenges with Junts had a lot to do with figuring out how we would keep the users of the app engaged and inspire them to create video content on their own as well. The app had to be both something new and unique, as well as familiar in the sense that users would be able to very easily figure out the logic of the betting process.

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the approach

When it came to the designing the main feed in the Bas4e app, we took a content-first approach by making the videos fill out the whole size of the screen. By doing a short upward scroll, the user would be able to see what his betting options are and how many people are taking part in the bet. The “Create new bet” button is always in the bottom centre so that the user can quickly find the option to create their own challenges and bets.

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