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Siena is the autonomous customer service platform designed for commerce. It handles over 80% of daily customer service interactions, taking the load off teams while making customer experiences feel magical.

The challenge

The primary challenge was to effectively present Siena AI's product as a modern, empathic AI CX agent. We aimed to design a website that not only showcases the Siena's sophistication but also feels inviting and human.

To achieve this, we had to integrated dynamic microanimations and crafted engaging conversations within the website and to design elements that not only add a human touch but also to infuse a sense of enchantment, mirroring the distinctive attributes of Siena.

This approach was key in portraying the product's unique capabilities in an engaging, contemporary, and memorable way.

Our approach

In our pursuit of excellence, we've employed a sophisticated digital strategy, blending our extensive expertise in Webflow development with innovative storytelling.

Our methodical approach crafts an interface that not only seamlessly blends high-tech AI capabilities with an inviting, user-centric design but also tells a compelling story.

Meticulously selecting a color scheme and layout, we've enhanced the website's accessibility and aesthetic appeal. Each element aligns with our ethos of delivering empathic, cutting-edge AI solutions, with storytelling at the heart of this engaging and intuitive experience.

Art direction & style

Our style fuses modern aesthetics with functional design, where the chosen font isn't just easy to read and fresh but is specifically selected to make the website stand out, enhancing Siena's brand presence and experience.

The brand elements, including chat bubbles and interactive features, are thoughtfully designed for clear communication, embodying Siena's dynamic interactivity. This approach ensures the brand's unique characteristics are effectively highlighted, contributing to a memorable user experience.

Crafting micro animations

Website's pages are dynamically enhanced with subtle, sophisticated micro animations. These elements, crafted using cutting-edge technology, animate the user's journey, adding depth and interaction to the browsing experience.

This approach particularly shines in chat interactions, where it significantly boosts the storytelling aspect, making the user engagement more lively and captivating.

Our approach combines horizontal scrolling and parallax effects to add depth and dynamism, enriching the user's journey through the site.

Web design & Webflow development

Our design philosophy centers on creating an aesthetic harmony that complements Webflow's powerful development framework.

This synergy is evident in our design's balance of beauty and utility, featuring a sleek, contemporary layout that elevates the overall user experience. In developing with Webflow, we've crafted a site that's not just visually striking, but also exceptionally responsive and user-friendly, ensuring every visitor enjoys a smooth, engaging interaction with our digital space.

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