Tolstoy - interactive and shoppable video platform

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Website traffic increase

  • ↗ 20x

Website traffic increase

  • ↗ 20x
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On a mission to change the way users communicate, with shoppable and interactive videos. With Tolstoy, you can engage your customers within seconds of landing on your site. Interactive and Shoppable videos. Auto-tags products in videos which allows customers to add-to-cart within the video screen

The challenge

Having such a versatile product meant that we needed to map out as many user journeys as possible and predict the outcomes of each one.

We were not only challenged with creating a beautiful design experience but to also think about the logic behind their video tool and how it can be scaled in the future.

Our approach

For this project, we needed to get as many people from our team onboard as possible in order to see how users from different backgrounds would interact with the tool as it was now and what they would want for it to do better in the future.

We researched what the design trends in video creation software and form builders were and started digging even deeper to see what we can do to simplify that process.

We decided to rely on more colour coding and icons with precise wording in order to put the focus on the videos and actions themselves.

The introduction of an onboarding sequence for new users also greatly benefitted the product’s retention rates.

Cross-Platform Experience

During this stage, our products were already being utilized by thousands of top brands on their storefronts. It was crucial for us to approach the interface design and updates with utmost care to ensure the well-being of their visitors was not compromised.

Website design & Webflow development

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