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New sign ups

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Skylead, a premier outreach platform, empowers users to craft personalized Invites to Connect, Messages, and InMails, enhancing their outreach strategies. Integrated with View & Follow features, Skylead maximizes connections with potential leads.

The challenge

Upon embarking on the redesign journey, our foremost challenge was to craft a distinct design language for Skylead, setting them apart from competitors.

We aimed to overhaul the site's architecture, streamline navigation, and create an unforgettable experience infused with a personalized touch.The objective was to infuse authenticity, ease, and human connection into every interaction, making the Skylead experience truly memorable.

Our approach

We began by meticulously developing new user personas, central to our strategy. Through in-depth industry competitor analysis, we gained profound insights.

This informed the creation of a robust design system, permeating every page of Skylead's website. Our focus was on blending innovative design concepts with intuitive functionality, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Art direction & style

The color palette was meticulously curated, reflecting the soft hues of the sky, resonating with Skylead's brand identity. Oval shapes were strategically integrated, symbolizing unity and connection.

Moreover, the incorporation of authentic images of real individuals from the company added a human touch, fostering a genuine sense of connection.

Crafting micro-animations

In our journey to infuse a lively and engaging demeanor into Skylead’s user interface, a significant emphasis was laid on fine-tuning interactions and micro-animations.

With the robust capabilities of GSAP, we were able to craft animations that added a visual appeal, while also enhancing user experience by offering intuitive feedback. Every hover, click, and transition on Skylead's platform became a channel to delight the user, ensuring the digital journey is as enriching as it is functional

Website design and WordPress development

At the outset of the web design phase, our primary focus was to sculpt a visually compelling digital facade that resonates with Skylead's brand ethos. As we transitioned into the development phase, the combined powers of WordPress and Oxygen were harnessed, exploiting their flexibility and scalability to the fullest.

This robust framework laid the foundation for a website that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional and user-centric, embodying the dynamic and vibrant spirit of Skylead's innovative lead generation solutions

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