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In this transformative journey with Primer, we focused on embodying their mission to "unleash payments potential" through a refined digital experience. Our deep dive into the payment ecosystem allowed us to employ design thinking strategies, streamlining complex processes for an intuitive user experience. Highlighting our commitment to innovation through design, this case study showcases how we elevated Primer's digital presence, ensuring fluid user interactions and emphasizing the seamless integration of their visionary platform into a dynamic web interface.

The challenge

Primer's ambition to lead in global payments faced a pivotal challenge: evolving a digital presence that wasn't keeping pace with their growth. Key hurdles included the need for a more scalable web architecture, enhanced CMS for seamless content management, and a platform that could effortlessly support user engagement and conversion optimization.

This necessitated a fundamental shift towards a system that could adapt rapidly to the dynamic startup ecosystem, embodying Primer's forward-thinking ethos in every user interaction.

Our approach

Leveraging Webflow, we meticulously crafted a new site architecture and web design that aligns with Primer's innovative edge.

This strategic overhaul prioritized a stellar user experience and conversion optimization, underpinned by a robust CMS for streamlined content management.

By focusing on collaborative design workshops, we harmonized Primer's functional needs with their brand ethos, ensuring the digital platform is poised for future scalability and reflects the pioneering spirit of Primer's payment solutions.

Design language & visual framework

This framework embodies a strategic approach to creating a consistent aesthetic across the brand's online presence. It establishes a set of guiding principles for visual elements, ensuring they align with the brand's identity and values.

This method enhances user experience by providing a unified and engaging interface, fostering brand recognition and loyalty. It's a foundational aspect of our design process, aimed at delivering a distinct and memorable digital experience.

Animated insights

These carefully crafted motions enhance the user experience, guiding and delighting with every scroll and click.

It's a glimpse into how attention to detail can elevate the overall aesthetic and functionality of digital design.

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