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Bambassadors provides a platform where brands connect with creators to create compelling video content. Brands receive full usage rights to use these videos across their websites, social media platforms, and paid advertising campaigns.

The challenge

The challenge at hand was a twofold endeavor. Initially, the task was to revamp an existing brand, enhancing its appeal and making it not only captivating but also distinctly illustrative of the company's core purpose in the realm of UGC marketing. The ultimate aim was to position the brand as a frontrunner in this industry, targeting larger clients.

Subsequently, the challenge evolved to include the creation of a sophisticated platform. This platform would seamlessly connect clients, Bambassadors' experts, and UGC creators, streamlining the entire process for each user role. The overarching goal remained to establish a user-friendly and efficient ecosystem that would cater to the diverse needs of all stakeholders.

Our approach

Our approach began with an extensive dive into our client's business, meticulously researching their workflows and processes. This foundational research allowed us to define a precise target audience and craft detailed personas, which formed the cornerstone for our innovative branding concepts.

Transitioning into the realm of user experience (UX), we dedicated significant time to develop a robust content strategy. Our focus was on orchestrating user actions on the website, ensuring a seamless and purposeful journey.

To breathe new life into the brand's digital presence, we embarked on the creation of a fresh visual language. We embraced bold and vibrant color schemes, incorporated oversized elements with subtle tone-on-tone variations, and infused the design with engaging video and micro animations. The result was a User Interface (UI) that left a lasting impression.

When we delved into the product aspect of the business, we meticulously charted multiple user journeys to discern the daily interactions of our three key personas. This groundwork allowed us to devise distinct and intuitive user experiences, each imbued with the brand's unique essence.

Art direction & style

In the realm of art direction, we sought to marry aesthetics with symbolism. Our creative vision for the project was inspired by the selfie stick—an iconic symbol of user-generated content (UGC) and self-expression in the digital age.

With a contemporary flair, we embarked on the design of a new logo that ingeniously incorporates the selfie stick. This symbol not only embodies the core essence of our client's UGC marketing platform but also serves as a visual testament to the dynamic and interactive nature of the brand.

Our chosen color palette, marked by vibrant and engaging hues, resonates with the energetic spirit of UGC. Oversized elements and subtle tonal variations were employed to create an aesthetically pleasing and harmonious visual language that would captivate and inspire.

Throughout the entire creative process, our art direction emphasized a sense of playfulness and dynamism, mirroring the evolving landscape of UGC video marketing and positioning our client as a pioneering force in this space.

Website design & Webflow development

Product design

We delve into the creative process of turning concepts into tangible digital experiences. Our product design journey encompasses everything from wireframes to interactive prototypes, illustrating how we brought our vision to life with user-centric design principles.

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