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Product Design
Digital Strategy

SylvanHealth is a mobile app and online platform that helps people maintain a healthy lifestyle. It offers personalized nutrition plans, food tracking, a recipe library, goal setting, and integration with other health apps and devices. It aims to support users in making healthy choices and reaching their wellness goals.

The challenge

The main challenges of building a mobile app for Sylvan Health include creating a strong, patient-centric UX/UI design, integrating with Sylvan's existing systems, and providing key functionalities such as appointment scheduling, messaging, recipe identification, goal setting, and restaurant meal options.

Our approach

We conducted comprehensive research on similar apps in the market, learning from their strengths and weaknesses. Our plan outlined the app's structure, features, and user flow.

We designed the UI/UX with a strong focus on simplicity and user-friendliness, keeping our patients at the heart of our design process. We adopted agile methodologies in our development process for quick iterations and improvements.

Art direction & style

Experience the future of personalized nutrition with Sylvan Health's mobile app! Seamlessly schedule appointments with dietitians, access tailored recipes, set health goals, and discover restaurant meals suited to your health condition. All in the palm of your hand, designed with simplicity and your wellness journey in mind.

Website design & Webflow development

We have also crafted the entire user experience to cater to individuals using both laptop and desktop computers.

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