More than just a virtual world

Website traffic increase

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New sign ups

  • ↗ 60K+

New sign ups

  • ↗ 60K+

The island is community-owned through the use of NFTs. Create personalized spaces or entire worlds. Explore, build, learn, trade and communicate in ways not possible until now.

The challenge

PAX World, a groundbreaking project centered around a community-owned island called, approached our design agency with a unique vision. The challenge was to establish an innovative brand identity, develop a user-friendly website, and provide comprehensive support throughout their journey as a startup. With the aim of creating personalized spaces and unlocking new possibilities for exploration, learning, trade, and communication, PAX World sought to revolutionize the digital landscape through the use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Our approach

As a design agency, we embarked on a collaborative journey with PAX World, working closely with their team to shape their brand and bring their vision to life. We started by crafting a distinct brand identity that captured the essence of their groundbreaking platform. Drawing inspiration from the concept of community ownership and the limitless potential of personalized worlds, we designed a logo and visual elements that reflected these core values.

In addition to branding, we played a crucial role in building the PAX World website from the ground up. Our team employed a user-centric approach, ensuring a seamless and intuitive browsing experience for visitors. We worked closely with the PAX World team to create compelling pitch decks and a comprehensive white paper that effectively communicated their project's value proposition and potential to potential investors.

Throughout the process, our agency provided ongoing support to PAX World, helping them navigate the challenges of their initial decentralized offering (IDO) phase. By leveraging our expertise in design and marketing, we assisted in attracting investors and building momentum for their groundbreaking project.

Art direction & style

For the art direction and style of the PAX World project, we drew inspiration from the unique hexagonal shape of the land being sold on the platform. Embracing this distinctive element, we incorporated hexagons into the logo and various design elements throughout the brand. The overall aesthetic was carefully crafted to exude a sense of openness, simplicity, and sophistication.

The color palette we selected for PAX World was airy and fresh, with ample white space to allow the land and content to take center stage. Soft, muted tones were chosen to create a serene and inviting atmosphere, while pops of vibrant colors were strategically used to highlight key information and calls to action. Typography played a significant role in the design, with large, bold fonts that commanded attention and enhanced readability.

Website design & Webflow development

To effectively showcase the PAX World project and cater to its unique requirements, we developed two distinct websites. The first website was designed specifically for the IDO phase, where potential investors could learn about the project, explore its features, and participate in the decentralized offering. We focused on providing clear and concise information, accompanied by eye-catching visuals and intuitive navigation. The website incorporated interactive elements to engage users and facilitate a seamless investment experience.

The second website was dedicated to the sale of the land within the PAX World community. Here, the emphasis was on presenting the available land parcels in an engaging and visually compelling manner. We leveraged Webflow's robust capabilities to create a dynamic and user-friendly platform. The site featured a map-based interface where users could explore and select their desired hexagonal plots. Each plot was accompanied by detailed information, including its unique features and potential uses.

Both websites were designed and developed with a mobile-first approach, ensuring a responsive and accessible experience across different devices. The combination of elegant design, intuitive functionality, and strategic content placement contributed to a cohesive and impactful online presence for PAX World.

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