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A blockchain is a decentralised electronic database which stores information in digital format. It is an essential player within the crypto currency field. It also guarantees to maintain a reliable and secure record of its data, especially when it comes to transactions.As a digital database, it is important for various blockchains to stand out visually. Therefore, our purpose is to create and deliver stunning, yet meaningful digital experiences and highly optimised designs. Through rigorous research and sprint based methodologies, we ensure that the information is easy to understand by the end user.

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We can safely say that blockchain technology and crypto currencies already have a big influence in our lives. This has inspired many companies to create solutions that will make it easier and faster to integrate into our daily routines. Swapin is a great example of a company that allows people to use their digital assets to pay for bills, shopping, rent, and other expenses, without having to use fiat currency. Their platform allows users to simply connect their crypto wallets and use their currency to transfer money to Euro IBANs.

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Blockchain branding

Establishing your own blockchain company is no easy task but turning it into a long-lasting brand is even harder. This is where our expertise in creating brand identities for a variety of digital businesses comes in. Our clients are able to build a strong brand image and stand out in the ever growing market by following our expert advice.

Tokenomics visualisation

Every blockchain founder knows how important it is to set up their tokenomics, their product usage cases and a strong visual identity. We will help you visualise and set up the basics, such as token usage, economic model, and incentives. Having a unique brand strategy for each of our clients never fails to get us the best results.

IDO design

When starting a blockchain or crypto project, the founder must present a white paper and a company presentation to investors. Through our work and in-depth market research, we have become experts in creating the visual part of any investor pitch. 

DeFi product design

We're a team of result-driven UI/UX experts who are highly experienced in building digital products and creating highly optimised designs for decentralised finance (DeFi) platforms. Through constant user testing and well-planned design sprints we effortlessly tackle any UX challenges that may come our way.

Web3 brands and websites

Our goal is to create more intelligent and well-connected websites and Web3 applications using a data-driven and machine based approach. Some of our key client objectives include building a killer user experience and an impactful user interface for their product and website.

Play-to-earn games UI

We're all avid gamers and crypto gaming nerds here! We're passionate about working with game development teams, helping them build, shape and improve the overall interface and presentation of their play-to-earn gaming projects.

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